Meditech Gloves

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Meditech Gloves

branding, digital

Meditech Gloves produces premium protection, maximum examination comfort gloves, the best reliable protection of your hands.
The logo concept is based on designing a letter M by joining a lowercase letter m with another identical up side down letter m. The idea is to create a sort of palindrome icon that can be read from left to right and vice versa, that can be reversed at 180 degrees and still be the same, creating a perfect and immutable mark. This option focus on the user of Meditech Gloves products, in-fact the shape of the logo also resemble the shape of the DNA structure which is the symbol of life and Human being. With this logo we want to convey the idea of perfect products for people. Medical technology, or “Meditech”, encompasses a wide range of healthcare products and is used to treat diseases, medical conditions and overall improve quality of lives and the symbol of life is the DNA structure which is included in this logo. In addition to the Branding I have curated the imagery direction, the website and the packaging of the examination gloves.