The Sicilian Villa Company

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The Sicilian Villa Company

branding, digital, print, illustration

The Sicilian Villa Company offers holiday rental properties in all areas including its smaller islands. The main purpose of this rebranding was to reflect the bespoke nature of the brand. The logo concept merges together the shape of a villa and the sun which is symbol of good weather. The overall shape of the logo comes from the simple representation of a villa. The door of the Villa is a geometric representation of the sun. By looking at this logo the user will associate the holidays organised by the Sicilian villa company with a sunny and comfortable holiday.
The brand patterns takes inspiration from nature, one from the mountains and hills and the other one from the sea weaves. A crucial part of the brand is the illustrative aspect. Illustrations give a bespoke look and feel to The Sicilian Villa Company as well as an emotional touch that will benefit the way the brand is perceived by its potential clients.