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Sinless cakes is helping consumers across the globe to experience healthy alternatives to cakes which have no sugar added, are low fat & gluten free Sinless Cakes has commissioned me its branding. The concept is based on the idea of designing an icon using a cake from which a slice is cut and ready to be eaten. The shape of the slice is an heart suggesting the love and passion we have when producing our products and the love and joy we spread to the world when our clients eat our cakes. The slice of the cake has the devil’s horns because we use here a visual antiphrasis which is the rhetorical device of saying the opposite of what is actually meant in such a way that it is obvious what the true intention is. There is no sin when eating our cakes. The typeface used matches the thickness of the lines of the icon, furthermore is elegant and clean. To reinforce the brand Mission I have created brand messages graphics using the benefits Sinless Cakes can offer to its clients. They have a round shape to remind the user of a cakes and they are used in conjunction with he logo or without. They can be used singularly or all together in a pattern. Our tagline. “Pleasure without regrets” reinforces our values: anyone can eat our cakes without feeling guilty and having consequences on their health.